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A Bush Family Genealogy
1765 - 1995

Author: E.G. Hazell

This book provides information on the growth of the family tree, now an astonishing ten generations, numbering from the first arrivals in NSW, it reaches back to Norfolk and tells what is known of the early history of the family. It also talks about Arthur and Jeremiah's search for work in the county and how they eventually established themselves and the family support network in place at this time.
Re-Generation is not only for this generation of Bush descendants but is also for future ones.

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A Village That Was

Author: Rosalie Bush


Including a genealogy of the Bush families, this book is an attempt to trace the history of the descendents of Arthur and Jeremiah Bush since the arrival of the brothers in New South Wales. The first section of the book traces the genealogy of the families and the second section records the story of the small rural settlement of Jerrawa - the area where many of the first, second and third generations grew up.
Jerrawa is not unique - Australia has seen many villages such as this - villages that were once thriving communities but are now almost forgotten. This account captures their story and acknowledges the contribution of these settlements to the development of a nation - Australia.
$5.00 or all 3 books
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Branching Out
An update of the Bush Family Tree

Author: E.G. Hazell

This book was published to coincide with the Bush Reunion II held at Jerrawa NSW on the weekend of 6 and 7 October 1990. It is a companion volume to Jerrawa - A Village That Was, updating and expanding the genealogy of the Pioneering Bush Brothers of Jerrawa Creek. Genealogical data collected and compiled by Pat Bush and Dorothy Pirchan. Illustrations by Jan Finch.
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Bush Family Society Bookmarks

Commemorating 175 years in Australia


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Bush Family Society Lapel Pins
Featuring the Bush Family crest.
Bush Family Society 175th Anniversary Coffee Mug Commemorating 175 years in Australia
Bush Family Society 175th Anniversary Blue & Gold Pen (black ink) Features the words "Bush Family Reunion 2010"
Bush Family Society 175th Anniversary Stubby Holder Featuring the Bush Family crest on the front and "Bush Reunion - 175th Anniversary 1835 - 2010" on the back.

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